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Fri Dec 31, 2010, 1:14 AM
This is for my lovely friends
'Optzeci cloc' as :icon8o-clock: and
'Apleshuc' as :iconpsycheanamnesis:

Who gets to determine when the old ends, and the new begins? It’s not a day on a calendar, not a birthday, not a new year. It’s an event. Big or small. Something that changes us. Ideally, it gives us hope.

Happy New Year!




alley of roses by PsycheAnamnesis

strange moods of rain by PsycheAnamnesis

No matter how hard you fight it, you fall. And it’s scary as hell. Except, if there’s an upside to free falling, it’s the chance you give your friends to catch you.

  • Listening to: Swan Lake
  • Reading: Sociologia Deviantei - Albert Ogien
  • Drinking: coffee

Cheers darlin'

Tue Dec 7, 2010, 7:27 AM
You're The One.. by Khomenko n Y by estellamestella :thumb185915592: r a i n b o w by michellis13 november by oprisco Autumn of life by WiciaQ 546790 by aleksandra88 acta, non verba by TwiggyTeeluck Assam and a Smile by TwiggyTeeluck Visual Perceptual Property by TwiggyTeeluck :thumb186698879: :thumb179448596: November by NarcolepticGravity uncertainty by michellis13 Gamze - Tulloch Wedding 5 by sinademiral Tight by sinademiral :thumb183399097: uncertainty by michellis13 Moment of luck by longest13 The mask by Kim-92 :thumb179692416: :thumb93551047: butterfly for one morning by WonderMilkyGirl alley of roses by PsycheAnamnesis Pure morning by s27w

Thank you, again, Alexandra! :love:

  • Listening to: Damien Rice
  • Watching: Private Practice
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: capuccino

Behind the mask

Sat Oct 16, 2010, 1:54 PM
Behind The Mask by SturmOxy
mask by Fort-o
Mask by Xotikouli
The Man in the Carnival Mask by bannerninja
a child's mask by Welshen
Venetian mask 1 by twieja
Mask of Tragedy by KristinaToxicpanda
The Woman With the Iron Mask by MeisterDesZirkuss
Mask by Giggle-Monster
Hide behind your mask by WhispersOfImola
Falling Mask by rosa-mondhase
To Swear Black Is White by Klaamka
mask by baharkaplan
the mask 2 by hollynn
Mask by funchick202
Behind The Mask 4 by Eclipse-Of-Faith
Behind the mask by fallingwish

The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. ...You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask.
~Jim Morrison

  • Watching: Grey's Anatomy
  • Drinking: water

Undisclosed desires

Mon Oct 11, 2010, 10:11 AM
This is a special feature for the wonderful Lilyana Karadjova :iconfelilly:

:thumb115891088: :thumb122788091:
:thumb115891625: :thumb153791236:
:thumb158578420: :thumb159247811:
:thumb168083096: :thumb178727026:
:thumb181702400: :thumb180694677:


:thumb122043715: :thumb114389338:
:thumb130820180: :thumb118177245:
:thumb139915424: :thumb132212662:
:thumb147611365: :thumb161902790:
:thumb175268049: :thumb179948560:
:thumb179896248: :thumb148288921:

  • Listening to: Muse
  • Reading: Alex Mucchielli - Arta de a influenta
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: tea

Symphonie d'Automne

Sun Sep 19, 2010, 2:21 AM
My Fall by leenik
The Fall by leenik
Falling in autumn by LutherBash
silent autumn IV by JoannaRzeznikowska
Autumn whispers by ruxydeva

ms autumn by szuwar
...autumn by oprisco
Autumn by hellenFq
Breath of autumn 2 by NadyaBird
Autumn painting...II. by MartaC
Face The Autumn by soulofautumn87
Autumn's joy by do0dz
Autumn in her heart by Pice-of-Winter
Autumn by penguin91
Autumn is here by CasheeFoo

Autumn is colours. by OrchidFeehan
Autumn is here by MilkyBerry
Autumn sonata by fogke
autumn, in hungary by baby-HQ
the magic of autumn. by simoendli
Autumn by dev1n
autumn 7 by all17
sunny autumn. by julkusiowa
release.. by impatienss


  • Listening to: Yann Tiersen
  • Reading: Ionel Teodoreanu - Lorelei
  • Eating: muffins
  • Drinking: capuccino

L'apres midi

Wed Sep 15, 2010, 7:14 AM
Because by ElifKarakoc
Love Song by la-child
Drops of Jupiter by Karisca
We Had Everything by DeBally
Circus II by nairafee
S I N G by paintmewet
Sabina15 by Greensupersheep
bubbles I by Freeq22
Senses by Lionique
sea embraces. by Zaratops
Pas envie de voir ca, dans... by AlexandraSophie
Noo by fabysalmeron
India by kosmodisk
0179 by fossadeileoni
Windows by KarinLouise
Flowerbomb by tarcinrengi
Drops by quicksilverq
Obsessions by ScarletteDeath

Pticy SQUARE by black-cat16
_faces_ by SerenityEternity
0106. by angelcurls
Shadow of annoyance by loLO-o

That's the way I like it, to keep my smiles for myself.
Albert Camus - The misunderstanding

  • Listening to: Yann Tiersen
  • Reading: Ionel Teodoreanu - Lorelei
  • Drinking: coffee

This is for the one I love

Sun Aug 29, 2010, 6:21 AM

'There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them'

:thumb155985936: :thumb159878067: :thumb168378833: :thumb151614609: :thumb133588103: sunday morning .. by 8o-clock :thumb137006707: :thumb155046098: :thumb161416668: :thumb165797494: :thumb160409042: :thumb159446722: :thumb158483813: :thumb146776207:
Miros de tei by DianaES :thumb173265390: :thumb148378388: :thumb150069467: :thumb155784108: :thumb165298017: :thumb165304809:
:thumb161852296: :thumb166827742: :thumb161015706: :thumb167023428: :thumb160826604: :thumb159706354: :thumb154114215: :thumb150197225: :thumb149200731: :thumb146775539: :thumb171165691: :thumb158094662: :thumb158186976: :thumb165480504:

And she fights for her life
As she puts on her coat
And she fights for her life on the train
She looks at the rain
As it pours
And she fights for her life
Where people are pleasantly strange
And counting the change
And She goes...
Nobody knows


  • Listening to: Oren Lavie
  • Watching: Sex and the City
  • Eating: cookies

I'm just upside down

Tue Aug 24, 2010, 7:24 AM
Love-letter  necklace by Holunder

Freedom by Holunder
Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore by JNoOoN
cinnamon.II by Altingfest
Morning Coffee by yuca-chan
Morning by lalyita
Jealous Of Your Cigarette by Vinyl-Disco
- You Have Been Loved - by JNoOoN
The hardest of hearts by ScarletteDeath
I Wrote You A Love Song by AnjaRoehrich
dominoes fall. by angelaCRUNK
Ballerina in the making by ansmeer
more yellow birds by ausgetraeumt
Rose Garden Minnie by SpAmSaLoT
the trees are celebrating by The-optimist
Last one by ansmeer
How does it feel by cherrilady
you don't have to speak by quadratiges
When Morning Comes by nono-sukar
blue romance by thresca
Cookies by sara-m
ballet IV by SuzyTheButcher

smena symbol by Koralowa
I want your revenge by theluckynine
make you feel my love by Koralowa

melodies desires by muszka

So lately I'm in the mood for nothing...I just spend my time at home, listening to music, drawing and reading. But I actually enjoy it, I'm glad I have no stress and I love being alone for a while. I also spend a lot of time on the internet reading many things, perhaps too much time, because lately I have a constant headache and I think I might need a pair of glasses... Today's feature includes my favorite 1+1=1, I hope you enjoy it:D

  • Listening to: Paloma Faith
  • Drinking: coffee

The little prince

Fri Aug 13, 2010, 10:27 AM
Venetian Blue by MelpomenesMask :thumb161278223:
Something sweet to throw away by naked-in-the-rain The lines of the wind by o0she0o
On My Way to Believing by mandeelion
time . by biszkopciikowa
closer to the edge. by BeKissable
:thumb174499169: Frosythia by cherrilady
Sic Transit Gloria by BeccaThundercat
Wonderwall by blicks23 :thumb170115371:
summer breeze. by pluschkind
:thumb157245498: window sill by choney25
Tereza by StRetMuZk Sea of Loneliness by I-am-Gyperion
Time Is Gone by AnjaRoehrich
Memories by PARANOIA--7 Ballet XIII by Krass62


'Vous etes belles, mais vous etes vides... On ne peut pas mourir pour vous!'
~Antoine de Saint-Exupery~

  • Listening to: Ponchielli's 'Dance of the hours'
  • Watching: my sets on 'Polyvore'
  • Eating: ice-cream
  • Drinking: just water

With love

Wed Aug 11, 2010, 1:36 PM

A special feature for my beloved Alexandra and her gorgeous sepia photos:love:
I actually call her Alexadra only here on dA, in 'the big world out there' she's my funny, crazy, revolutionary Shomanutzu!
Love you, dear! :heart:

  • Watching: One tree hill
  • Playing: with my hair
  • Drinking: cold water

a room full of nothing

Thu Aug 5, 2010, 10:26 AM
:thumb134955952: shoulder constellations by nerdynotdirty we can't be hurt. by CarolineZenker letting you by thundereq words of love. by oprisco spring_child by oprisco GromovaS by lunariya entailing. by oprisco 28 by dim-baida sur la pointe des pieds by quadratiges Only in Dreams by PotatoBeenz :thumb161708761: :thumb136859739: she dreams of divine things I by Dabadus it doesn't mean a thing by thundereq The Sisters by dim-baida Marie by sl-photographer :thumb171310570: take your memories with you by kln1 echoes. by CarolineZenker :thumb143721099: Le portrait by muszka :thumb114497695:


Thank you dear Alexandra:kiss:

  • Listening to: Morcheeba
  • Watching: Sex and the City
  • Drinking: capuccino

come wander with me

Fri Jul 30, 2010, 2:02 AM
Touch of colors by fogke Lost room by fogke dream by nikosalpha :thumb172635207: Loneliness by Millita bad dream by LittleFlair Multicolored Beetles by oO-Rein-Oo Tu crois que... ? by C-Jook Paris. matin... by amorave Loved by the sun by DopeStars Sunkissed Girl. by inbrainstorm traveller's diary by elalma In Flight by breath-defying Where are you now? by breath-defying aim and ignite. by breath-defying desired constellation. by indiae :thumb168480423: Dievca z Madridu in bw by fogke White Stripes by fabysalmeron redlicious by LittleFlair You can try to resist by tugbaakdag :thumb133368912: :thumb171761695: Juste a temps by C-Jook Les regrets by C-Jook Touching by endegor U gotta help me out. by Lady-Angel doesnt mean I am lost. by Lady-Angel spaced out. by Lady-Angel obsessed. by Lady-Angel nothing u can do. by Lady-Angel lonely cat by odpium attack by odpium sufficient and simple by igormazulevphoto


  • Drinking: frappe

Big city life!

Mon Jul 19, 2010, 1:33 PM
Paris a le blues II by C-Jook Made in New York by DarkSaiF standing in the rain by toko no place like London by iPaint4fun Where Shadows Dance by mehrmeer New York City XII by DanielJButler :thumb168000249: That's London by Hadcorp Barcelona Street by Hadcorp dalton by C-Jook FarrisJazz by C-Jook scene de rue 95 - Paris by C-Jook :thumb166806124: :thumb166201702:   Deux mondes by C-Jook :thumb148446611: :thumb157983952: Le consulat by C-Jook :thumb158837889: Scene de rue 79 - Paris by C-Jook

  • Listening to: Rod Stewart - I am sailing
  • Eating: ice-cream

Polaroid love

Fri Jul 16, 2010, 6:45 AM
Polaroid: Red and Green. by inbrainstorm
Polaroid: Feeding. by inbrainstorm
just breeze... by bluecitrusart
polaroid 54 by nikom
Polaroid by CharisAlexandra
Polaroid - Urban Autumn 3 by LightOfThe80ies
polaroid butterfly. by tylko
Polaroid I by surfgirl24
polaroid 3 _ Perdi-te by oxigenium
Polaroid 19 by Ranessa

polaroid - crash by mr-amateur
polaroid 1 by factive
polaroid by Ungeheuer
Polaroid 2 by Ranessa
crabapple polaroid. by DntFearThReapr
P is for Polaroid -II- by Nour-K
first polaroid by Eiwa
polaroid 07 by speakforme-
polaroid 3 by factive
polaroid sky by lloydhughes


  • Eating: peaches

Words don't come easy

Wed Jul 14, 2010, 11:59 AM
I tried love by LadyMisunderstood
V by Yayfordenial

quick and painless by pyrokinesiss
friday by Yayfordenial
a case of summer time blues by Yayfordenial
Hey You. by ElifKarakoc
Where are you? by A-y-u


  • Drinking: Ice-Coffee

Happy Birthday Alejandra!!!

Sat Jul 10, 2010, 2:00 PM
A very special feature for my lovely friend :iconpsycheanamnesis:

I wrote this novel just for you
I'm so pretentious, yes it's true

I will brush off all the dirt
And I will pretend it didn't hurt

It's such a silly thing to do,
Now we're stuck on rewind..

Since I was born I started to decay.
Now nothing ever ever goes my way

the butterfly effect by PsycheAnamnesis

Passers by, were looking at me,
as if they could erase it.

Imagine there are two or three ways
To make you love me
And not dream of someone else
Become the movie on your eyelids

the movie on your eyelids by PsycheAnamnesis
eyes lose their fire by PsycheAnamnesis

And if you're ever around,
in the city or the suburbs, of this town,
Be sure to come around,
I'll be wallowing in sorrow,
wearing a frown, like pierrot the clown.

If Placebo was a drug, they would no doubt be pure heroin - dangerous, mysterious and totally addictive.

~Brian Molko~

much love:heart::heart::heart:

  • Listening to: Placebo

Le plus beau du quartier

Fri Jul 9, 2010, 2:28 PM
A special feature for
Christine Amat :iconchristineamat: and
Nicolas Evariste :iconnicolasevariste:

Beautiful black and white photos of animals:heart:

The improbable meeting by ChristineAmat
Cat III by ChristineAmat
White II by ChristineAmat
Horse by ChristineAmat
The nursemaid II by ChristineAmat

Giraffa - In Love by NicolasEvariste
Zebra III by NicolasEvariste
Acinonyx Jubatus by NicolasEvariste
Balearica Regulorum by NicolasEvariste
Kobus Leche by NicolasEvariste

  • Listening to: Eddie Vedder
  • Drinking: cold water

Scent of a woman

Thu Jul 8, 2010, 11:43 AM
Women! What can you say? Who made 'em? God must have been a fuckin' genius. The hair... They say the hair is everything, you know. Have you ever buried your nose in a mountain of curls... just wanted to go to sleep forever? Or lips... and when they touched, yours were like... that first swallow of wine... after you just crossed the desert.
Al Pacino as Lt. Col. Frank Slade

I see... Where? II by patrycjanna Summer of '69 by Mrs-Durden After the rain by ymefreak I WANT TO RIDE MY BICYCLE by cetrobo ten black roses by dorguska Nocturnal ashes by iNeedChemicalX :thumb168103634: Dear Miami by kosmodisk Two by kosmodisk Vision One by kosmodisk Turn your back to time by Tonyna goodbye to the sun by aimeelikestotakepics :thumb163113027: :thumb169061962: 7 Hours Less Tomorrow.. by Khomenko Jilted by karinelips buna dimineata iubitule by wQheartbeats :thumb150653967: :thumb159878067: composition with melancholy by bubble-gum-heart Magda_04 by hellwoman Tina Cassati by nola-nola Ballet III by Alcholado jaqueline by raineese :thumb116983219: I love it... by 6Artificial6 my blueberry nights by LadyFreeSoul One of the legs. One history. by mariae:thumb159706354: readme.txt by notursweetie unschaetzbar by theluckynine :thumb147155062: the game by veftenie :thumb144289654: Lonely dock by iNeedChemicalX


I can write a song

Wed Jul 7, 2010, 2:32 PM
But i can't sing in key
I can play piano
But i never learned to read

Soft dreams by lieveheersbeestje :thumb166308095: :thumb163318375: Tango Square by AlicjaRodzik Pastel Colours by Holunder Lilac by Holunder Beautiful Chaos by Zorg-One-One tell me about Spring by AlicjaRodzik :thumb160909460: :thumb159774270: Forget me nots by ZoeWieZo U N D O by Anark8 Someone to Save You by kyokosphotos quarters-words by AlicjaRodzik reveal by AlicjaRodzik 7 by BlueFish24 :thumb147364566: sleep... don't weep by AlicjaRodzik Love means by AlicjaRodzik handful of joy by AlicjaRodzik simple life by BlueFish24 i can't remember sunlight by RickHaigh into the blue. by magnesina MagicMagic by xTive F o r You by ZanaSoul

:music:The Dresden Dolls-The perfect fit:music:


  • Listening to: The Dresden Dolls
  • Eating: chocolate

Before our innocence was lost

Tue Jul 6, 2010, 1:15 PM
black and white :heart:

the butterfly effect by PsycheAnamnesis Marina in dark by psychiatrique ..RBW.. by bigozie Historia bez zabarwienia... by narva the movie on your eyelids by PsycheAnamnesis practice. by escaped-emotions :thumb120746498: :thumb153919614: :thumb149200731: :thumb166355884: .0130 - lies by SlevinAaron eyes lose their fire by PsycheAnamnesis L'Histoire de Mademoiselle by pamukcuceveyediprens 928 by first-cherry Your Ex-Lover Is Dead by LadyFreeSoul :thumb145201733: zona cmentarna by joannarasta :thumb161015706: who feels love by ciuky cold by xTive In the shadows of love. by Bunnis on the phone. by sOn3t Ballet XIII by Krass62 In the Smoke by Mariellle :thumb124893651: esmeralda e quasimodo. by smokedval :thumb164040005:


  • Listening to: Placebo